Founder Scott Bradshaw

You know it’s a good product when your hair dresser wants to buy it!

I have been going to the same hair dresser on the Mid North Coast for 15 years, I went in after using Bradshaw Hair Care products and she said “wow what have you been using in your hair? It’s so strong and healthy” she noticed a dramatic change in my hair just after a few weeks of using these brilliant products.

She now orders it from Scott and doesn’t use anything else for her own hair.

I am so in love with these products!


As a disabled person (right arm amputee) I’ve had trouble doing my hair so it looks good. Since using Scott Bradshaw’s BRADSHAW Hair Care products my hair is looking better and for once the style stays looking good for a few day’s, I’m a big fan of Scott and his products.


I started using Bradshaw hair products for the past six months now and at the age of 60+ my hair is easy to manage and has never looked better.